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Just because your demonic minions have more money and power than us

8 BILLION HUMAN BEINGS, like Hitler, Stalin and Mao ~ you consider us to be "useless eaters."

And that is why you have promoted the ABORTION MURDERING of over

1 BILLION UNBORN HUMANS during the last 100 years, that GOD created ~ not you!

But we have startling news for you.

The Covid 19 PLANNEDEMIC that you created in March 2020 for BIG PHARMA earning $1 BILLION per MINUTE(!), has only encouraged many MILLIONS of us to seek out THE TRUTH ~ AND WE DID!

Since hell will be your eternal fire pit forever and ever, you selectively choose to not see that your evil doesn't work.

You are so blinded by your impenetrable darkness, you really, really thought you could beat Yeshua and us ~ His fervent followers.

Not so the case!

Christ Jesus declared in His 8 Beatitudes:

#4. "Blessed are those that hunger and thirst after JUSTICE, for they shall be filled with The Holy Spirit.

#8. “Blessed are they that suffer persecution for the sake of JUSTICE, for theirs is The Kingdom of Heaven.

MILLIONS of us seeking TRUTH & JUSTICE totally steer clear of your 5 global manipulated and weaponized mind-murdering/control mainstream channels and social media platforms, that spew only lies and distractions.

We focus only on THE TRUTHS & JUSTICE of Yeshua.

Your One World Order/Reset minions have caused humankind TRILLIONS of dollars, that were and are much needed today on your farce known as COVID 19.

Face masks, glass & plastic barriers and signs reminding us of Nazi swastikas, evidence of the demonic evil you have sown.

Yes, your enforcement of masks is tremendously cumbersome and only makes us more sick; by completely destroying our immune systems and robbing our brains of much needed oxygen.

Your bio-engineered C-19 vaccines have already killed or crippled some ~ but not all of us, as etched in granite on your now destroyed Georgia Guidestones.

Your social distancing protocol really served to wake-up True Believers, only making us more wanting to shake a warm hand and hug each other.

Your attempt to force all of us to embrace the Biblical abominations of transgenderism and homosexuality, parallels the number of evilly blind ignorant angels that were thrown out of Heaven with you.

Since you are the ultimate promulgator of lies, there is no climate change crisis during our current normally occurring solar minimum.

Yet you poison our skies with $ TRILLION "ChemTrails" and add cancer producing elements to our fresh water supplies WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION!

Only your CRISIS ACTORS spreading your evil deceit all over the planet are causing the FEAR that you use to control the masses and killing MILLIONS of nourishing food grade animals that God gave us stewardship of.

In Ephesians, Saint Paul explains:

"satan also has power over some people, the “sons of disobedience” ~ those who have not accepted Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior."

"satan is called "the prince of the air" because he possesses the power to manifest evil in the world."

He influences people and commands demons principally through the One World Order's Twitter and Meta/FaceBook social media platforms."

Because your chief goal is to destroy all of the good that God has created, 2020's PLANNEDEMIC’S decimation of the entire world’s economy has only been exacerbated by the purposely caused Ukrainian war.

Manufacturing weapons of deadly destruction and murdering MILLIONS of human beings have been your main objectives in the last 2 centuries.

Mirroring the killing strategy of Julius Caesar in dividing & conquering, your miscreation of WOKE, BLM, MAGA, etc., has wickedly caused a chasm amongst the Earth’s people to focus on their differences, versus their similarities.

No air conditioner in hell, you and your 1 World Order Golden Calf / Great Re-set idolaters will burn eternally.