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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

John 1:1 confirms:

" In the beginning was THE WORD and THE WORD was GOD.

He was with GOD in the beginning.

Through Him ALL THINGS were made; without Him NOTHING was made that has been made.

In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has NOT and will NEVER overcome it."

Yahweh (God in Hebrew), is THE CREATOR OF ALL.

While a young Bear in San Francisco during the 60's ~ a Hippie with money emulating Che Guevara, I was dabbling in LSD, magic mushrooms and peyote.

Born God-hearted, most of my psychedelic experiences involved searching for God in a physical state.

Never accomplishing my goal, I almost blew my mind several times by contemplating:

° How could God always was, always is and always will be?

° How could He be the "uncaused cause?"

° How could He be beyond the ever expanding universe that He created?

° How He could sacrifice His "only beloved" son Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew)?

° How can there be 3 persons in 1 God know as The Holy Trinity?

Thanks to Ruach Hakodesh's (The Holy Spirit in Hebrew) guidance, enlightenment, gifts of thought discernment and intuition, I came to a peace that is far greater than any understanding:

° ALWAYS existing, God surpasses all sense of past, present and future time barriers.

° Since God ALWAYS existed, He never had to be "caused."

° Due to His creation of the universe, God is way above and beyond matter and energy.

° Blessed that GOD IS ETERNAL LOVE, He sacrificed His son Christ Yeshua to manifest His INFINITE love for us by becoming human flesh; totally understanding the painful transitory impermanent limitations of the 3d dimension.

° A 3 leaf clover has only 1 stem, yet each leaf is independent, as well as connected to the stem.

That's exactly THE HOLY TRINITY ~ The Father, The Son + The Holy Spirit ~ all manifestations of the same GOD.

Blessed with Ruach Hakodesh's thought discernment, I came to my own personal conclusion that:


He is my go-to source for healing, loving me to sleep and ULTIMATE POWER source.

He is an all merciful and just Father that is not raining lightning bolts from Heaven if we sin.

° Yeshua is my Savior & Redeemer and 3d dimensional role model.