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Blessed being born in San Francisco with a God-heart, it is the main reason why I wanted to be ordained a Maryknoll missionary priest to teach Christ Jesus' WORD in Africa.

But because my parents were divorced in 1956 ~ which in those days was a rarity and abomination in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church, I was denied my vocation of entering the seminary at 14 years of age.

Voca ~ which means voice in Latin, was my calling from God to serve Him in Africa.

Rebelling immediately upon entering Bishop Riordan Roman Catholic High School in 1965 after being rejected from my Godly mission, I was misbehaving in every manner possible.

Even to the point of almost being expelled from Bishop Riordan in 1969 ~ just 4 weeks before graduation.

This was due to my writing anti-Vietnam and anti-administration articles in the school newspaper "The Axis" ~ that I founded as Senior Class President.

Seeing through the repressed sexuality of the Roman Catholic teaching brothers and priests, I knew @ 17 years of age that organized religion was not for me.

Choosing to attend a secular college in 1969, I started studying the occult, Buddhism, Hinduism and reading all of Edgar Cayce's reincarnation books.

After my searching for God in all types of 4th dimensional "New Age" spirituality, I immediately came back full-circle to my pre-ordained Christianity.

Always hearing that little voice inside of me, I thought it was my conscience.

It took me many years to finally understand that it was Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit in Hebrew) that was guiding, comforting, enlightening and most importantly ~ assisting me in thought discernment and developing my 4th dimensional intuition.

Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) ~ the Master Metaphysician of the 4th dimension, immediately became my best friend.

Wholeheartedly embracing His teaching that "The invisible world was eternally more important than the visible one", it became great fun for me to develop a personal relationship with Him.

Talking out loud to Yeshua as I would to Christine ~ my Wife, or Alexandra ~ my Daughter, He IS my "go-to-source" blessing me with His Calvaric strength, discipline and bravery.

Many times while walking, I will respectfully and adoringly joke with Him ~ speaking out loud, about the absurdity of the world; and how much I want Him to return ASAP as the King of Kings and get this Earth of ours in a Divinely Order.

As Yahweh (God in Hebrew) declared during Jesus' baptism, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."

And pleased and infinitely grateful we should all be that Yeshua suffered a criminal's torturing and death on our behalf, so that we could be with Him for all Eternity.

Christ Jesus will ALWAYS be with us and NEVER abandon us.

All we have to do when we feel uncomfortable, stressed or demonically attacked is to immediately seek His face and reach for His right hand imploring I ADORE YOU JESUS!

The hand that healed thousands when He was living amongst us will ALWAYS lovingly embrace ours as we walk together to our Eternal home.

My best friend Christ Yeshua promised us:



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