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Updated: Aug 14, 2022

When encountering an impasse on the bridge of life from Earth to Heaven, humbly ask The Holy Spirit to guide and enlighten you whether you should climb over the obstacle, or simply turn back.

As a Divine Being, He ALWAYS knows what is best for you.

Christ Yeshua told the apostles before His Ascension:

"When the Father sends the Advocate as my representative ~ that is, the Holy Spirit, He will teach you everything and will remind you of everything that I have told you."

"You will receive POWER when the Holy Spirit comes on you.

Then you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem.

You will be My witnesses in all Judea and Samaria.

And you will be My witnesses from one end of the Earth to the other."

Personally, I am a true witness of Ruach Hakodesh's (The Holy Spirit in Hebrew) awesome POWER in my life.

Deciding 5 years ago to 100% surrender my free will to His, my very being has changed completely.

Far from perfect because of my still being human, my free will choice was to ask The Holy Spirit:

° to take over my mind

° plant His seeds in my consciousness

° think only His thoughts

Blessed with His peace that is far greater than ANY understanding, ALL of the time I feel totally free being blessed with His gifts of:

° INTUITION = Tapping into His 4th Dimension knowing Divine Wisdom before Earthly awareness.

° MENTALLY TELEPATHING PRAYER = Together with Ruach Hakodesh's omnipotent power, I can laser-focus my prayer intentions to others, transcending all physical barriers.

° THOUGHT DISCERNMENT = Blessed with being able to make the right spiritual as well as 3d Dimensional decisions.

° INSPIRATION = Hearing His voice revealing celestial wisdom when I am speaking (His gift of eloquence) and writing.

° GUIDANCE = Always knowing the best path to take and decisions to make.

° ENLIGHTENMENT = The Holy Spirit blesses me with knowledge that is completely Divine.

° COMFORT = 1 of His greatest gifts ~ especially since I am human and do make mistakes in my thoughts and actions.

His comfort keeps me from being stressed and hamster-wheeling in my mind.