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"ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE": chapter 3 ~ page 1

Post World War II Puerto Rico was a very difficult place to live, even for my dad ~ a teenager that changed his birth certificate in order to avoid the global conflict.

Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1927, my father Doel Garcia was a Hollywood handsome and charismatic young man.

Blessed with black wavy hair, very light skin, Clark Gable type eyes and pencil-thin mustache, he was the ultimate skirt magnet.

His Garcia bloodline descendants emigrating from Galicia, Spain to The Canary Islands and then to Puerto Rico in the late 1800’s, my father always regretted that he was a bastard child.

Francisco, his father, never married his mother Carmen ~ a very dark Taino Indian descendant with a "gota" (a drop) of black African blood.

The progenitor of a 1 night stand, my grandfather Francisco Garcia was a strict disciplinarian and a super macho ladies’ man.

Also very white skinned bearing rosy dimpled cheeks, turquoise blue eyes and paunch bellied to boot, when I first met Francisco as a 2 year old when he visited me in San Francisco, I really thought he was Santa Claus!

He never much appreciated that I purposely sat on his high-style fedora, using the velvety hat as a cushion........

1 of 8 brothers and sisters, Francisco always took pride in his totalitarian ruling of the roost.

Every day at 10:00 A.M. ~ exactly 2.5 hours after breakfast sitting imperiously in his Barca Lounger, he would intently gaze, point and tap at his watch and militarily say to his extremely loving, diminutive and half Taino Indian wife: “Ana, it’s time for my 10:00 coffee”.

And God forbid if Ana did not humbly fetch it right away.

Blessed that his older and ingenious brother Rafael created Garcia Motors, Inc. in the 1930's similar to today’s Pep Boys ~ the 1st auto parts stores on the Island, Francisco retired very wealthy at only 50 years of age.

Only Francisco knowing the true meaning, his favorite saying was: “las mujeres solo hablan cuando las gallinas orinan”, (“women can only speak when chickens pee”).

So much for WLM (Women's Lives Matter).............