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"ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE": chapter 3~page 2

Even today ~ not fully grasping the clear meaning of Francisco’s motto, bottom line­­­­_______­­­ it was meant to keep Puerto Rican women in their place subservient to men, as well as for them to accept being just second class citizens.

Francisco’s other brothers were also cut from the same pair of scissors.

All given financial participation in a designated Garcia Motors branch on the island, most behaved like reckless playboys and considered women as objects to be possessed and controlled.

Their favorite slogan was “a chef in the kitchen, a lady in church and a whore in bed ~ that’s what women are for.”

All except Rafael ~ the Garcia family patriarch and my truly Great Uncle, who was an inspiration to many on the island, due to his astute business acumen, generosity and gently powerful demeanor.

Also born with very white and translucent Irish-like skin and iridescent blue eyes, Rafael had a penchant for women of color.

No matter how beautiful and spiritually good the black, mulatta or native Taino Indian descendant women were, Malen, Celia and Ramonita ~ his extremely bossy and wannabe “blue-blood” controlling sisters, would always nag him and demand that he reject these “negras” (darkies).

As did many men of his generation and financial status, Rafael started to keep his trysts a dark secret.

When 1 of these beautiful women he was very much in love with became pregnant, he had to ensconce her away in Colombia to deliver and raise his baby.

Always sending money and visiting them as much as possible, Rafael did the very best he could to preserve his secret and maintain a long-distance relationship.

All was copacetic until his now 6 year old child became terribly ill.

Having no choice but to bring him to the island for better medical treatment, Rafael’s affair and resultant child were no longer hidden in a faraway Colombian closet.

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