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As The Beatles so appropriately sang, "love is all you need."

During these challenging times of house arrest being hip-tied 24/7 to a partner that we were accustomed to being with just a few hours per day, we must now emanate extreme patience and understanding.

Sadhguru ~ born Jaggi Vasudev in 1957, is a deeply devoted Indian yogi and author.

In 1992, he established The Isha Foundation, which has been intrinsically involved in raising the spiritual consciousness of his 1.3 Billion brothers and sisters, bettering rural education and saving the Indian environment ~ especially in planting millions of trees and preserving elephant habitats.

In 2017, he was awarded the Padma Vibhushan by the Goverment of India for his passionate altruistic efforts in the field of social services.

In the attached video, Sadhguru counsels all cooped-up couples to constantly remember and relive the "highest point of sweetness" in the relationship and use it as a baseline for increased love growth.

God created Adam & Eve out of Infinite Love. In Sarah Young's Jesus Calling book, today's reading is immensely relevant:

"Wear my love like a cloak of light, covering you from head to toe. Have no fear, for perfect love decimates all fear. Look at others through lenses of Love ~ see them from My perspective."

In Christine's and my 10 year Divine Intimacy relationship, we personally constantly choose to:

° Place God smack-dab in the middle of our couplehood.

° Always think of the other's needs before our own.

° Constantly dole "Get Out Of Jail" cards of forgiveness for whatever slight missteps may occur.

° Never keep score of perceived wrong doings ~ always staying PRESENT and focusing on each other's good.

° Always refraining from playing the "name games" and "shame games."

° Instead of condemning ourselves by saying "I don't like myself very much today", we instead ask for "a little more love" if a certain situation or circumstance requires it.

Heartfeltly embracing Sadhguru's teaching, Christine and I eternally remember our "highest point of sweetness" that attracted us to each other 10 years ago; and refuse to approach the elephants of fear, anger, jealousy, emotional adultery and selfish pride.