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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

As Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour sings in Comfortably Numb, that was my sensory addiction for 45 years:

“Hello? Hello? Hello?

Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me Is there anyone at home?

Come on now I hear you're feeling down

Well I can ease your pain Get you on your feet again

This is not how I am I have become comfortably numb

There is no pain you are receding A distant ship, smoke on the horizon You are only coming through in waves Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying When I was a child

I caught a fleeting glimpse

Out of the corner of my eye I turned to look but it was gone

I cannot put my finger on it now The child is grown The dream is gone I have become comfortably numb…………………”

The major editing that I did was eliminating the “pin prick” verse, because thank God I never tried heroin. Born with my addictive personality with its psychological roots of unworthiness and losing everything I liked, coupled with my innate rebelliousness of teetering onto the very edge of things ~ thinking that I had nothing to lose, I was the perfect lab rat for marijuana.

Ever since my friend Tyke at Bishop Riordan High School in San Francisco asked if I wanted to smoke a joint at 15, that was the beginning of a lifetime of servitude to the entry drug of all entry drugs ~ cannabis sativa.

Already drinking 6 packs of another DRUG known as beer, I admit that those early days of laughing uncontrollably and getting severe cases of the munchies were a total blast.

Marijuana became my entry drug into hashish, psilocybin, opium, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates, mescaline, LSD, Quaaludes, peyote, PCP, Valium, Vicodin and super increased alcohol intoxication, it really did make me comfortably numb ~ or so I thought.

Marijuana blocks God and keeps you in your head. And since a human being is more than just the mind and the body, it created a constant hamster wheel of paralytic perfectionism questioning everything that I did.

That is why especially in today's Nazi house arrest protocol, I am totally against any use of marijuana. These most critical days of purposefully paid for by The 1 World Order Freemason Cult of non-stop fear tactics, distractions, false flags, fake news, alternative news, emotion swaying, etc., require that we be MORE conscious than ever before.

Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) instructed us: "have eyes that see and ears that hear ~ do not be deceived!"

Sometimes if I was weakened by physical sickness or emotional wear & tear, marijuana sometimes made me horribly paranoid; to the point that I sometimes had to sing the verse of the Beatles song that goes “he blew his mind out in a car”. Crazily, that phrase soothed the insane fear of leaving my body.

Marijuana denying spiritual, emotional and mental self-actualization, I tried to convince nonusers and my critics that marijuana was an herb no different than sage, rosemary and thyme and that God put it on the earth for the good of all His children.

But just like eating puffer fish kills hundreds of Japanese every year as the most expensive sushi in the world and the venom of the spitting cobra blinds humans’ eyes immediately, that does not mean that cannabis sativa ~ though God created it, is good for everyone.

Knowing through my vast years of experience that it dulls body pain and creates increased appetite, medical marijuana is much better than any of the extremely toxic chemicals that Big Pharma prescribes to put a Band-Aid on cancer; so that BP and its legal drug dealing doctors continue making 100's of Billions of dollars off of it annually by purposely NOT creating a cure.

But to use it as I did misbelieving that it enhanced the flavor of food, the sensation of sex, the enjoyment of music or the enhancement of a movie in a theater, diminished the passing of time on long rides, etc., that Almighty God had already sown DMT ~ N-Dimethyltryptamine in my DNA upon being created in my Mom's womb.

DMT is produced in the human brain and is involved in certain psychological and neurological states. DMT is naturally occurring in small amounts in the human cerebrospinal fluid and other tissues of mammals. It can produce vivid projections of mystical experiences including euphoria!

Wishing that I had learned about this discovery much earlier, marijuana would not have stunted my spiritual growth ~ which is my very core SELF and means the very, very most to me in life; as well as saving hundreds of thousands of dollars that I could’ve used to create an even better family lifestyle ~ than the incredible one that God graced me with.

Knowing that with the help of Ruach Hakodesh (The Holy Spirit in Hebrew), I am now tapping in to the Godly created DMT reserve in my mind that requires no extraneous

Z­­­ig~Zag papers, rolling machines, bong pipes, weed sifters, brownies, etc.

The “fleeting glimpse” that David Gilmour sings of and I experienced often was that of the devil.

Many times when I smoked ~ especially by myself, I saw a black shadow moving out of the corner of my eye. The come on now I hear you're feeling down, well I can ease your pain get you on your feet again” was the voice of the demon speaking to me when I was stoned and