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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Being forced to wear masks that do not prevent the spreading of a laboratory created and 2006 patented virus is the intro prelude to the Mark of the Beast:

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” Revelation (13:16-17).

We cannot and forevermore will not be able to buy at supermarkets, drug stores, electronic emporiums, etc., without our wearing these useless cumbersome face condoms.

Most certainly masks were needed in World War I (as depicted), due to the extremely lethal chlorine, mustard, bromine and phosgene gases used primarily by the German military.

A means for the satanic 1 World Order Cult to gain totalitarian control of humankind, masks have become ubiquitous in becoming a FEAR accessory that will be enforced FOREVER if we do not collectively REFUSE to wear them.

A fashion statement for some Gnus, several mask wearing "humans" actually look down on others that are not donning this totally unnecessary germ producing and immune system denigrating medical covering ~ especially outdoors!

Wearing masks actually cause harm:

° Allergies (inhaling your own bacteria).

° Acne (due to constantly adjusting the mask and touching all parts of the face with mucus).

° Deprives lungs and brains of vital oxygen.

° Immune system weakened and compromised.

° Are dangerous when people's glasses get fogged-up and become visually impaired:

° Driving their cars with masks on!

° Pedestrians crossing streets totally unaware that it hurts if a car runs you over.

Now ~ this does not mean that the virus doesn't exist.

The United States Library of Congress confirms that the virus itself was patented in 2006 and the vaccine in 2015, by an infamous eugenicist charter member of the satanic 1 World Order Cartel.

Taking the mask concept to extreme absurdity, then we should also conclude that Covid 19 takes a break while people doff their masks while eating on airplanes.

A new lighted sign next to "Fasten Seat Belts" and "No Smoking" should designate ~ "COVID 19 ON BREAK", while passengers are eating airline dog food without face coverings.

The air lines were notorious for not filtering and cleaning the air on their planes before the plannedemic to save money ~ irregardless if the passengers got sick.

Similar to the Nazi 3rd Reich, the spread of FEAR is 1 of the greatest means to CONTROL the masses.

Totally embracing Gandhi's and Martin Luther King's "satyagraha" ~ the peaceful resistance of government injustice, I recommend to all of their fellow followers like myself, that you REFUSE to wear a mask as much as possible.

We must learn from Christ Yeshua to declare injustice, when He was on trial