After the many, many years plannedemic of Bill Gates 2006 patented corona virus, the Satanic Freemason 1 World Order Cult (SF1WOC) initially controlled us with millions losing jobs, permanent decimation of the entire world's economy, false hope stimulus money, house arrests, curfews, masks, Gestapo distance protocols, closed restaurants, vacation plans scuttled, etc. 

Thanks to ReallyGraceful's meticulous research @ next on their demonic agenda is the cancellation of physical money. 

The SF1WOC hides behind the Federal Reserve that is NOT owned by "We the people" but instead by the Rothschild's global central banking empire.

Soon our cash and coins will be mandated obsolete and we will be relegated to exclusively effecting digital bank transfers and only using credit cards, that will soon be declared dirty and "virus friendly" and will also be eliminated. 

So........the very soon next step which is also included in Bill Gates' 2015 patented satanic "Mark of the Beast" tattoo vaccine, is to be RFID chipped if we want access to our hard earned money. 

Regina Dugan ~ former DARPA puppet and now in Gates' House of Cards, explains quite succinctly the user-friendly and safety (?) measures of the RFID chip tattoo @

Then the powers that should not be will ALWAYS know where we are, who we are with, what we are spending our money on and how much, etc., etc., etc. 

Gates in the process of building 7 vaccine manufacturing plants around the globe, his RFID vaccine tattoo will be a receptor for the already installed world-wide 5G network, and will receive instructions transmitted to our brains for the SF1WOC's total control. 

Long ago, Christine and I covenanted to not be chipped and to rely solely on God's infinite wisdom and mercy for our survival. 

While on Earth, our choice is total compassionate and respectful freedom!

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