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Just like in San Francisco, best of all worlds in Daly City was that Lita would still be only a few minutes away.

Tappy and I now had our own separate bedrooms and a large backyard to play in.

In front of Lito’s and Lita’s home was Daniel Webster Elementary School that became our acres and acres front yard playground.

Even though we now had to take 2 buses to Epiphany (and a 5 mile hike if we missed the local one ~ which we did a couple of times), Tappy and I delighted in playing daily after homework baseball and football on the immense expanse of trimmed lawn, basketball on 4 courts and swung to the heavens on the tall swings.

Daniel Webster was also where I met Paula Cohen in 1960 ~ my 1st serious girlfriend, a dazzling little Jewish girl with Liz Taylor sapphire blue eyes and a beautiful round face.

Again being teased by my jealous peers and to avoid their relentless pressure, I stupidly broke-up with Paula who chose to never see me again (nice one, Al!)

My Mom’s sister Yulia and brother-in-law Gary now jealous that Lito had helped my mother with the $5,000 down payment, Lito explained that since his daughter had no husband to help her in paying the bills and that since Lita insisted in wanting to take care of us, that that was the reason he assisted my Mother.

Never wanting to favor 1 daughter over the other, Lito offered to pay their 2 week oceanfront vacation apartment in Laguna Beach and that he would drive all 9 of us the 450 miles in his spiffed-out 1958 Dodge Sierra station wagon: my Mom; Yulia & Gary; Pokee and Zotsee ~ my cousins; Tappy and me; and Lito and Lita.

Already blessed that Lito had taken us to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite every year on vacation after my dad left, the idea of swimming in the Pacific Ocean every day and visiting Disneyland, Marineland, Knott’s Berry Farm and as an already fervent Giant’s fan ~ even going to much hated Dodger Stadium, Southern California was like going to heaven!

Pray and speak constantly with The Holy Spirit just like He is your very best friend.

+ He IS!

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