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Updated: Jan 11, 2021


Every day our family would frequent the best restaurants and of course always would have to wait to seat a party of 9.

During these prolonged periods of delay, The 4 Stooges (my 2 cousins, Tappy and me) would use the time to throw grapes, strawberries and an errant poo-poo log from the hotel's swimming pool at the passing cars on Pacific Coast Highway; and like San Francisco's Longfellow Grammar School, I wasn’t quite finished with Laguna Beach…………..

The all in 1 car family vacations continued for 5 years until the 2 adults competing for Alpha Male could not stand being crammed 9 hours together.

Even though Uncle Gary decided to drive his own station wagon, Pokee and Zotsee rode with us in Lito's now considered unsafe flatbed trunk area, where we would play non-stop and make faces and give the finger at the cars behind us.

During their 1st solo trip, Gary tied the luggage incorrectly on the roof rack and all the suitcases fell off resulting in Aunt Yulia's panties being flung all over freeway U.S. 101.

Tia ashamed of being Hispanic ~ especially married to a tall blue-eyed Englishman and herself born blonde and light green-eyed, deliberately chose not to join in the family’s “Clan Congregations”, which really hurt Lito, always wanting his most cherished tribe to be close knit.

At least 30 family members would relish attending Amalia’s Sunday BBQ’s and Ines’ Christmas Eve celebrations that were just total blow-outs; with all the men elegantly decked-out in their dark suits and the ladies dressed to the 9’s on The 24th.

My Uncle Edvin who looked and acted like Dean Martin, would hold court in Ines’ foyer that led to the second floor stair case.

There he would tease the women by looking-up their dresses and fling friendly insults at the entrance guests as he drained more and more Bourbon Highballs.

Yulia's poor excuse for not joining her family that dearly loved her was always that poor Gary did not speak Spanish. (give me a fucking break!)

On our last vacation all together as a family in 1965, us 4 Stooges thought we were so cool going to America’s 1st Taco Bell on Pacific Coast Highway that featured a fire pit, where all the top local surfers gathered and exchanged lies of how big the waves were.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your best friend.

+ He IS!

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