Basically, Freshman year at Archbishop Riordan Roman Catholic High School was all about getting to know how to “run the rackets”, connect with old pals from Epiphany and meet and make interesting new friends from all over San Francisco.

Again, the demographics were the same, a handful of Hispanics and a teaspoonful of African-Americans.

Sophomore year was a totally different experience. Cliques began to form and the misbehaving ramped-up quite a bit from Epiphany Roman Catholic Grammar School.

Instead of throwing paper airplanes behind the teachers backs, some kids ~ especially the ones from wealthy families that got held back a couple of years due to previous ousters from other schools, would actually get into fist fights with the teachers.

One incident got so outrageous, that a 17-year-old Sophomore broke a broom over the teacher’s back and was immediately expelled that very same day.

Not wanting to be left-out of the "Animal House" honor roll, I climbed out of a 1 story classroom onto the adjacent courtyard and got caught as I was closing the window.

Thanks to everybody rolling around laughing and yelling, Father Tbilisi called my Mom to immediately pick me up at the dean’s office.

Thank God her Safeway Food Store was short-handed and her boss would not let her leave.

But man, there was still hell to pay when we met-up at dinner.

Riordan was run by the Marianists, a 250 year old order of priests and brothers ~ (Priests Light) that still could not marry women.

Based in Rome, they attracted a lot of peaceful Hawaiians that added a lotta flavor and real spirituality to their line-up.

As the idea of not having girls around quickly became old, @ 15 years of age I was 3rd leg deep in puberty.

Friends with “The Sperm Brothers” ~ 2 Italians my same age chronologically but way more advanced sexually that lived a few houses down from Lito & Lita.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

(2) Teacher Loses His Calm When Teen Disrespects a Colleague | That'll Teach 'Em - YouTube

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