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Updated: Jan 17, 2021


Both parents away most of the time tending to their restaurant business, Mic and Vic’s garage became our den of sin.

Even as a 10 year old, I became very horny when I walked down San Francisco's Market Street with my Lita-approved older friend Knut the Swede.

I was always sneaking a peek into the Burlesque parlors; mesmerized by the scantily clad photos of Anita Mann, Blaze Starr, Tempest Storm and Connie Comandlayme.

The Sperm Brother’s collection of Playboys was a wet dream come true.

Organized like my comics by date, we would spend hours reading the articles (yeah, sure Al!).

Borrowing 1 mag that I kept hidden from Lita under the bed ~ or so I thought, Lita would always ask me what I was doing in the bathroom so long.

Telling her that I was reading a geography book, she knew very well that I was playing with my Jack-In-The-Box.

Now with 2 new homes to “Beaver-on”, Lito added super-sized mahogany storage cabinets in the garage that my Mom would fill to the gill with Del Monte, Libby and Dole canned foods arranged by size and type in perfect rows and neatly stacked, all labels facing front ~ just like at her Safeway Food Store.

An inveterate shopaholic that soothed her loneliness, we had enough provisions for World War III and IV.

Lito loved building tall fortress-like wooden fences, planter boxes on steroids, dazzling 2nd family rooms with toilets in both garages, re-designing, digging-up and planting absolutely gorgeous gardens that rivaled Golden Gate Park’s.

Lita the proverbial “back-seat driver”, was perpetually hovering over and helping Lito with the flower beds.

Aunt Yulia blessed my Mom with an 8 week old Puggee that she named Dukey.

Age legal at the time, Dukey was so small that he fit in her bath robe pocket.

Spoiled rotten by all of us because he was so cute and cuddly, he rapidly grew, thanks to Lita boiling him fresh beef tips and my Mom buying BBQ chicken at the local deli.

When the Russian who owned the delicatessen sold it to an Italian who changed the BBQ recipe, Dukey refused to eat it so that Lita started baking him fresh chicken every other day. Unbelievable............

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

(2) Midland - Playboys - YouTube