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Updated: Jan 24, 2021


One of our favorite routines at The Table was to place a banana peel on the shoulder of an unsuspecting foil, sneak around the cafeteria and start saluting him.

Wondering why he was being saluted, he would eventually discover the peel, get angry and throw it at us.

Born with a great deal of God-given intelligence ~ I really did not have to study much, which afforded me the opportunity to work 4 hours three nights after school and eight hours on Saturdays.

The 20 hours worked per week netted me around $30, which is the equivalent of $222 in 2020.

Because even very good quality apparel was inexpensive, I was able to be attired very fashionably and earned the title of being 2nd best dressed amongst the Juniors. (big deal, Al!)

Lita starching my shirt collars as stiff as a board, my friends would always click their fingers on them and teasingly parody my English teacher and ask, “who does your shirts, Al?”

Graced with my Mom’s artistic hue discernment, I was always color-coordinated and egotistically enjoyed being called "The Golden Boy."

Trying out for the school’s football team and being told that I would never start as the halfback and at best would be second or third string and sit on the bench, I decided to continue working and earning good money.

Even though a friend at Safeway Food Stores ~ Doug the Dog called me “Rabbit”, because I was considered a fast runner in our sandlot football games, I was no match for the speed that the African-American players at Riordan were blessed with.

Meeting Doug in early 1968, our friendship would last 40 years. Seven years my senior, he became like an older brother to me.

Working in the same supermarket produce department and in the beginning of our relationship, I was always trying to get under his skin.

One memorable episode was when I threw a watermelon over the hanging florescent light in the back room warehouse and it smashed all over the produce soak/washing sink.

Thinking it was a joke and wondering when I was going to clean it up, Doug became furious as I took off my apron and said “have a nice evening.”

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

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