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One very foggy morning after work, Bob Smoot asked Don Santana (another graveyard biker member) and me if we wanted to smoke some Angel Dust with him.

Having never tried PCP ~ a horse tranquilizer, I had no idea what I was in for.

Taking some very deeply inhaled drags and commenting that I didn’t feel anything ~ just like I told Tyke during my first marijuana experience, Bob said to wait a few minutes and it would kick-in.

Not wanting to be late for our pick-up football game at Daniel Webster Elementary School playing against Gleason and his gang, I said adios and headed home.

And man, it kicked like a mule!

Since my Safeway was located in Pacifica, California ~ the fog capital of the world, on that particular morning the ground cloud was so thick that I had to open the car door driving 5 MPH just to see the yellow dividing line.

Now starting to feel the beginning effects of visual and auditory hallucinations, I had to pull over and pray to God that nobody would rear-end me in that gray soup.

The fog finally lifting a little bit just enough to see, I drove very slowly down the hill totally paranoid and scared out of my wits.

Parking in our home's driveway, I wobbly entered the garage and lay down on the couch that Lito bought for our downstairs family room.

Lita always on the alert, came down the stairs wondering what was taking me so long to join her and Tappy for breakfast.

Mumblin' that I was not hungry and needed to be at the football field in 10 minutes.

And like usual she did not believe me, because of my constant weed munchies and always opening the reefer door staring at nothing in particular behavior.

Like the fog, the hallucinations started to lift.

Now feeling pumped and extremely aggressive I started sprinting up and down the field at full speed getting warmed up.

Not long after kick-off, Doug the Dog was carrying the ball and my cousin Zottsee tackled him.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to inflict some additional punishment, I ran full speed and jumped on Doug ~ knees first.

Totally enraged at my needless extra tackle, Doug chased me about 100 yards to the basketball courts.

Not being able to catch The Rabbit, he chewed me out by saying that if I did that one more time, he would beat me with a baseball bat. And knowing his psychotic temper ~ he would!

Unequivocally, that would be my 1st and very last Angel Dust “speed” experience.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!