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Toggling back-and-forth at lunch from "The Table" to "The Vikings", I became very close friends with Cal ~ an extremely intelligent and super kind guy that I started having lunch with.

Just like Doug the Dog was my best friend at Safeway, Cal became my best friend at Riordan.

Born into a very welcoming German Irish family, Cal lived in the Sunset district close to Stonestown ~ San Francisco’s first outdoor mall.

Confirmed by Frank Dunnigan ~ WNP columnist, “Stonestown opened in 1952 and their new stores drew hundreds of San Francisco high school students after school and on Saturday afternoons in the 1950’s and 1960’s, thus making going to the mall a new way of life for many.”

Already very familiar with Stonestown, due to my Mom and I shopping at the Emporium and Bruce Bary Prep Store before I could drive, Cal’s home was only a 15 minute trip around Lake Merced from Daly City.

Meeting his parents Fred and Naomi, I was immediately made comfortable and felt at home.

A guard on our JV basketball team, Cal was not a big weed smoker. Taking an occasional puff or two, he’d rather a beer than a joint.

We would sneak off occasionally to the 90 minute away Russian River ~ without full disclosure to our parents as to where we were staying on weekends.

On an unusual for San Francisco bright Summer day, Cal asked me if I could help him paint his cousin’s home around the block; so that we could do a day trip canoeing on a Sunday close to "the 1 world order cult's" Bohemian Grove.

Meeting him bright and early on a Saturday morning, we started painting in the living room.

Already very well trained by Lito, rolling paint on walls was fun for me.

His uncle-in-law Jörg ~ a San Francisco policeman away at a retreat and Cal’s two female cousins were out grocery shopping.

Upon their return, I was instantly attracted to the pretty and long-legged slender one.

Freckled face, long brown hair and big blue eyes, Sandy attended all girls Mercy Roman Catholic High School across the street from Stonestown.

After putting away the groceries, she sat on the couch watching us paint. Not going “steady” with anyone at the time, I noticed that the attraction was mutual.

Respectfully asking Cal if Sandy was dating anybody, he inquired "why?"

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

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