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The Friday night to beat all Friday nights, The Grove was literally on fire.

Gibby Bonbon, the starting fullback on our football team was an ultimate


Bringing a bow and arrow, Gibby lit a rag doused with kerosene and shot it onto the roof of the clubhouse; where much earlier I had passed out on the bathroom tiles after drinking a gallon of rotgut Gallo wine.

While the fire engines and police cars roared down 19th Avenue into The Grove, Mario and Matt drove my car home with me in the trunk so that I would not vomit all over the seats, parked it in the driveway, opened the garage door, threw me inside and ran away.

My Mom already home after her midnight shift, ran down the stairs and frighteningly kept asking me what had happened.

Lying on my stomach and mumbling that I had no idea and continuously saying that I was sorry, my Mom propped me up while I upchucked into the garage sink.

Helping me upstairs and taking off my shoes and socks, she gently covered me, shook her head and disappointedly whispered good night.

Nursing what would become a 3 day hangover, the next morning after my calling in sick to work, my Mom reprimanded me stating that I would be grounded for the next two weeks; as well as if I ever came home in that condition again that she would send me to live with my father in Puerto Rico (yeah sure, Mom!).

Blessed that Sandy’s father would let her use his car while I was grounded, she would drive over while my Mom was at work and we would play “manita suelta” (loosey-goosey hands) ~ surely not card games.

One night we fell asleep on my bedroom floor after our usual dose of four joints, a pint of Hiram Walker (of which I drank the most since she had to drive home) and a steamy triple play, we were awakened by the sound of my Mom driving into the garage.

Both of us hastily getting dressed, Sandy hid under the bed until my Mom got in the shower, then I snuck her out through the backyard while Dukey was barking uncontrollably waking up all the neighbors.

Coming out of the bathroom with a pair of Sandy’s black undees hanging on her index finger, my Mom wryly insisted that they were not hers!

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

Elvis Presley - Burning Love (Aloha From Hawaii, Live in Honolulu, 1973) - YouTube