Lana having brought glasses and 7-Up as a mixer, she quickly made us two drinks.

Feeling guilty that I was with her and not Sandy, I started to feel the “willees”.

Asking me what was wrong as she started kissing me and I pulled away, I got up from

the picnic blanket and said I could not do this.

Screaming at me as I walked away towards the Safeway parking lot, Lana threatened to tell my manager that I was unfaithful to my girlfriend.

Looking back and stating that I didn’t care because the manager cheated on his wife, I learned that day forever more “Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”

For quite a few months afterwards, Lana, her parents and siblings would shop in our produce department and give me dirty looks.

Even to the point that her father gave me a tongue lashing for hurting his little girl. Walking away, I told him that “she was not so little”.

Calling Sandy immediately upon returning home from my Lana picnic blanket episode, I apologized for my screaming at her and asked if we could meet after school the following day.

Arriving early into the Mercy High parking lot, I watched all of the girls start coming out of the school and immediately rolling up the waistbands on their skirts, turning them into minis ~ the rage of the age.

Thanks to Father Ditzler in philosophy class, I had already learned what lies of omission meant.

Feeling extremely guilty and starting to recount the previous evening’s disaster with Lana, I told Lana that I was very sorry and that I would never cheat on her again.

Forgiving me and saying that we could go to her house which was only five minutes away and that her father was at another retreat, we went straight to bed.

Already self-diagnosing myself as suffering with being oversexed (yeah sure, Al!) and having obsessive, compulsive and repetitive disorders, 3 became the magic number for our between the sheets adventures.

Having to dress quickly because her sister came home unexpectedly early, I climbed out of her 2nd story bedroom window onto a rose trellis that broke, hobbled over and hopped the fence into her neighbor’s backyard and ran to my car that was parked in front of Cal’s around the corner.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

(6) Hank Williams - Your Cheatin` Heart w added bass track, fantastic sound! - YouTube

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