Amped-up by receiving this “get out of jail card”, I rebelliously ran every red traffic light on 19th Avenue from Golden Gate Park to Doggie Diner, a distance of over 2 miles; a stupid fete that I would replicate several times again thinking I was Steve McQueen in Bullit.

Returning to school Monday morning and finding a note in my locker to report to the Dean’s office, I asked Father Himmler with what permission he had to enter my locker.

Stating that he could do whatever he wanted to at the school and escorting me by the elbow to his office window, he asked me about the giant paintings on the reservoir wall right down below.

Truthfully confirming that I was at Sandy’s family’s blow-out birthday celebration for her Aunt Mathilda, I most certainly lied by saying that I knew nothing about the paintings.

Enraged because he knew my sleight of hand and could not prove anything, he sent me back to class with the warning of my being suspended if any other crime was committed during my “presidency.”

Upon entering religion class, I received a standing ovation for taking a stance against the powers that should not be.

My elation short-lived because of The Senior Axis being discontinued due to my last editorial criticizing Father Himmler's false accusation and confirming all of the administrations reneged promises since September 1968.

I was ordered to recant my editorial and apologize over the school intercom system to all 800 of my fellow students, for my lack of respect and unlawful leadership.

Smoking weed every morning before school, the Maui Waui really kicked in and instead of apologizing I told the student body my truth about the administration and that we were going to stage a protest celebration that Friday at Sigmund Stern Grove after school.

Within minutes Father Himmler was at the entrance of the band room, told me to shut off the mike and follow him to the principal’s office.

Looking like his neck was going to burst, Principal Ohmatoi ordered me to sit down and gleefully stated that my Mom was on her way.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

Paul & Linda McCartney - Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey [High Quality] - YouTube

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