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By now no stranger to principals’ offices, I could see the disappointment on my Mom’s face upon arriving.

After 1 year cognizant of my frustration with the administration she nevertheless listened patiently to Ohmatoi’s edict: either I resigned that very moment, or I would be expelled from school.

My mom requesting 15 minutes to discuss the options with me, we went to the cafeteria where she expressed her dire concern of me not graduating with my class after four years and having to attend Daly City’s “hoodlum-filled” Westmoor High School 2 blocks away from home for just one month.

Still high as a kite and furiously indignant, I told my Mom that I had no problem getting away from this asshole administration of liars and perverts.

Entropically and egotistically thinking that if I used blackmail I would retain my presidency (big deal, Al), I told the principal and the dean how one of the other priests who was my religion teacher, always was asking me if I was having sex with Sandy and if so ~ to fully describe in what ways; as well as how often I played with my Jack-In-The-Box.

Refusing to accept my truth and nothing but the truth, they adamantly demanded my Mom to confirm our decision.

Having already decided that if my blackmail did not work, I would remain at Riordan in exile.

Feeling forlorn and dejected, I told my Mom and the two Catholic hierarchy puppets that I did not feel well, but instead of going home I went to Mr. Wu’s, bought a couple of six-packs and went to The Grove and rapidly drained 8 cans.

While I was away drowning my sorrow, Father Himmler got on the intercom and said that he had already called and instructed the San Francisco police to arrest any Riordan student found drinking at The Grove that following Friday.

Arriving early with Tyke, we were amazed not only at the amount of Seniors that were driving into the parking lot, but the numbers en masse of underclassmen that took the bus.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

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