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Agreeing with Bryan Adams “that when I look back now that summer seemed to last forever and if I had the choice ~ yeah, I'd always wanna be there, those were the best days of my life!”

And in many ways they were.

Having earned good money working full-time since our May graduation until late August, I had enough saved up to buy a brand new fire-engine red 1969 Buick Opel Rallye Kadett; that I soon drove into the Pacific Ocean with Dukey as my copilot, believing the dealer that the car would float.

Scaring the poor Puggee out of his mind, he was scratching at the window as the waves climbed higher and higher.

Backing up just in time to reach the hard sand, we had enough traction to escape eminent danger.

Parking the car now on dry land, I sat on the beach smoking a joint.

Cheesed-off that I pulled such a stupid stunt, Dukey proceeded to pee on my back while I was not looking.

Futilely chasing him up and down the shoreline, I soon gave up and we got in the car and drove to Doggie Diner to satisfy my munchies.

As our “joint” graduation present, Cal and I went to see Jimi Hendrix on May 25 at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds.

As much a fan as I was of the world’s greatest guitarist and performer, Cal was equally amazed at the commanding stage presence that Hendrix was blessed with.

On a gorgeous warm and breezy pre-Silicone Valley afternoon, Jimi elevated us “to kiss the sky.”

Cal and I already having planned a weeklong August vacation in Laguna Beach, we invited two other friends from Riordan to increase our fun and reduce our costs.

Everybody parking their cars at my house, we took off early in the morning and headed down south on US 101.

Stopping and eating our way through California to Los Angeles, we enjoyed great meals in Carmel and Santa Barbara.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69 (Official Music Video) - YouTube