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Arriving at our beachfront hotel, we were pleased with the cleanliness and spaciousness of the accommodation.

Quickly unpacking, we headed straight for the beach for a pre-dinner swim.

All of us very respectful of each other’s private space and quirks, from day one we knew that we were going to have a great time.

Charlie ~ the whitest of us got really sunburned the first day and had trouble sitting down because of the pain.

Roy, very used to the sun because of his landscaping job quickly turned a tawny bronze.

Smoking lotsa weed and drinking tons of beer during the day combined with swimming, sunning and throwing the football, we developed huge appetites.

Like my Uncle Gary enjoying the endless amounts of really good food at St. George’s Smorgasbord, we would all pile our plates sky-high and return many times for refills.

A couple of evenings later we decided to go to La Paz Mexican restaurant and enjoy some wonderfully authentic south of the border cuisine.

Attempting to order some margaritas, we were all turned down because of being underage and not having false IDs like some of our other classmates.

Already exhausted from the day’s activities, hungover and becoming cranky, Charlie said “fuck this place ~ let’s pull a runner!”

Not knowing what a runner was, it meant to run out of the restaurant before the check arrived.

Feeling very guilty because of the super kind owners and their marvelous food, it was something I would never do again.

The next night after dinner we decided to go streaking on Pacific Coast Highway for two blocks, before making a right down to the beach.

The people in the cars were honking their horns, yelling and screaming and cheering us on as we sprinted down the street totally naked.

Sharing a cigar sized joint, we jumped into the ocean that was pitch black and became very paranoid as to what could be patrolling underneath us.

Since we had no towels or clothes, we started to feel cold and sneaked our way along the beach back to our motel.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

Del Shannon - Runaway (HQ STUDIO/1961) - YouTube