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For our grand finale, we decided to go to Disneyland and buy as many “E” tickets as we could afford.

Before 1982 an “E” ticket was used at Disneyland, where it admitted the bearer to the newest, most advanced or popular rides and attractions.

Having taken many powerful mescaline capsules in Disney’s parking lot that Gleason had scored for us at Cal Berkeley University, we started feeling the effects soon after entering the park.

Backing it up with some Panama Red weed, we were as high as the Matterhorn before entering the It’s A Small World ride to escape the blistering August heat.

All of us piling into one car before it headed down the waterway tracks, initially I was enthralled with all of the internationally costumed dancing and singing audio-animatronic children dolls.

The 4 of us joining the chorus and shouting the melody over and over, paranoically I started to feel that ALL 300 dolls were staring at me with malice in their eyes.

Getting a serious case of the willees and feeling like jumping out of the car, Cal calmed me down and told me to just relax and breathe.

Exiting the ride into the intense bright and hot Summer afternoon light, I continued singing that good for nothing earworm “It’s A Small World After All” in my head for the duration of the vacation.

Arriving home late on a Sunday night to Daly City’s pea soup fog, I replayed all of the wonderful and mostly innocent experiences that the 4 of us shared.

We all had altruistically embraced 1969’s flower child hippie ideal of peace, love and happiness.

Similar to that summer’s Woodstock, we enjoyed seven days of nothing but fun, music and free Mexican food……….

Having spoken to Sandy every night for at least an hour from a Laguna Beach phone booth on Pacific Coast Highway, I already knew that her father was hospitalized again.

Having visited him at nearby Mary’s Help Medical Center in July, we had all watched the Apollo landing on the moon at his bedside.

In my lifetime, it was one of those defining moments such as where I was when John F. Kennedy was shot and later on 9/11.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

(1) Steve Miller - Space Cowboy - YouTube