Upon arriving home on a Tuesday afternoon after work on one of my Mom’s days off, she was preparing for Tappy and me some outrageous thick & juicy barbecued New York steaks.

A passionate grill master, my Mom always accompanied the specially cut butcher shop meat with some fresh-cut French Fries and sliced vinaigrette tomatoes.

During dinner she said that my father had called and that he would try again tomorrow afternoon, since Puerto Rico was four hours ahead of PST.

While changing from my hippie cords to jeans for working at Safeway, the phone rang and it was my dad.

After the usual niceties, he asked if I would like to join him in San Juan during the Christmas holidays.

Telling him that I would think about it and let him know the following day, I decided to go for it after choosing to spend Christmas Eve with Sandy and her relatives and Christmas Day with my family.

Departing for Puerto Rico on December 26 and earning the money to pay for it, I flew first class to New York.

Calling home to let my Mom know that I had arrived in NYC safely, she said that my father had phoned and wanted me to ring him upon my arrival at what is now JFK.

A strange voice answering at my dad’s, the woman said to please hold on and she would get my father. Asking him who that person was he stammered stating that it was Sally ~ his wife.

Unconvinced and hoping he was joking that he was famous for, I said to please stop fooling around and be straight with me.

Saying that he was not kidding and that he had remarried 12 years prior, I quickly did the math and figured out that right after cheating on my Mom he immediately tied the knot again!

My temper now ready to explode, I inquired as to what else he had not told me. Stating that that was all, I intuited otherwise and again asked him to please give me the courtesy of telling the truth.

Feebly, he mumbled that I had two “new" brothers. I screamed into the receiver, “what the FUCK?”

Trying to call me down, I said that "I was not going to Puerto Rico and returning home and that he and his new family could go to hell!"

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

And He is!

(1) Radiohead - No Surprises - YouTube

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