Literally looking through me with her glowing deep black eyes that paralyzed my gaze, Gabriela said that she was not kidding and that I should be very grateful that both monks were bowing towards me.

Sobering up almost instantly and getting goosebumps, she proceeded to explain that one monk was Confucian and the other Buddhist and that they were my guardian angels.

Telling her that I was Roman Catholic and believed in Caucasian angels with wings ~ not Asian ones, she said that she too was Catholic and very good friends with Jeane Dixon, a very famous prophetess from Washington D.C., that prognosticated the death of John F. Kennedy as well as other previously proven historical occurrences.

Now having my total attention, Gabriela asked me if I believed in the fourth dimension.

Emphatically answering yes and referring to the entities that I saw from my crib as an infant and the voices of the evil spirits in the lot next door before kindergarten, we were both ready to play spiritual ping-pong.

Always very curious about my future, I met with so-called “fortunetellers” in San Francisco; each one incredibly able to correctly tell me my past and present and plausibly predicted my future.

Having read several books on the gift of prognostication, one lady held my car keys, another gently touched my hands, an Indian gentleman with an MBA from the University of Calcutta read my palm and yet another lady read my Tarot cards.

Understanding that in God’s realm time does not exist and that past, present and future are all on the same spiritual plane, I concluded that if a person can tell one’s past and present, then seeing into the future is derived from the same dimension.

Gabriela’s gift was on a level beyond comprehension!

Asking me if she had my permission to look into my past as well as my present, I enthusiastically agreed.

Relating to me things about my grandparent’s lives in Costa Rica and their health that my father could never know, Gabriela correctly pinpointed people and events in my present.

Now convinced that she was a very loving and God blessed seer, I made an appointment to meet with her whenever life would bring me back to Puerto Rico.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ Divine Intimacy ~ He is!

(1) THE WHO - I Can See For Miles (1969) - YouTube

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