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Stating that the wedding would only be a year and ½ away, I told him that I was fully aware and that financially we would be prepared.

Asking me if I thought that at 19 I would be ready to undergo such a commitment, I responded that since Sandy and I had been going steady already for 2 ½ years, we both knew that we could live together forever.

Parallel to graduating from high school, my ascendancy into stronger drugs loomed large.

Thanks to Gleason very well connected into both CIA sponsored UC Berkeley and Stanford universities, we were now able to score clinical grade LSD as well as super pure high-grade mescaline.

The third backup to our marijuana and alcohol, in the beginning LSD seemed like the ultimate "E Ticket" ride.

Friday evenings became Sandy’s and my trip nights at Doug’s and Wendy’s, where the festivities were preceded by super authentic homemade Cantonese Chinese food.

After gorging ourselves, we would sit in the living room drinking beer, smoking joints and waiting for the acid to kick in.

Starting our LSD adventures with Purple Micro Dot, I asked Gleason how in the world such a little square could transport us into another realm.

Confirming that because it was really clinical grade LSD being currently used by the military for MK Ultra mind control purposes, he said that this was the real deal and to just be patient for it to kick-in.

Within only 30 minutes, the walls started to undulate and the ceiling disappeared!

As our sky pilot and guide, Gleason would calmly answer our questions ~ especially during the first few trips where everything was brand-new and sometimes a little scary.

On one occasion when Wendy and Sandy took a girls night out, Doug, Gleason and I took what was to be my personal ultimate acid trip ~ Orange Sunshine.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

(3) Eric Burdon and The Animals: Sky Pilot - 1968 Let's Go (Vancouver TV) - YouTube