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Doug volunteering for the graveyard shift that evening, could not join me to celebrate my victory from Vietnam.

So I called Roy and Charlie that had just gotten home from school and were eager to join me since their numbers were in the high 200's ~ meaning that World War III would have to break out for them to also be enlisted into military duty.

Stopping first by Mr. Wu’s to buy-up, we loaded our six-packs in the ice filled tub that I had already loaded in the trunk.

Making a beeline straight for The Grove, we sat on a picnic table celebrating our not being drafted and reminisced about the great time we all had enjoyed in Laguna Beach.

Wolfing down 12 cans of "talls" (16 ouncers) backed up by many joints, I was feeling no pain as I drove home.

Flooring the gas pedal rebelliously in front of protest riddled San Francisco State, suddenly my back wheels started fishtailing on rainy 19th Avenue and I spun around facing three lanes of traffic!

For the grace of God, I was about 15 yards ahead and could turn and straighten out before the other cars could slam into me.

Realizing that I was in no condition to face Lita, I made a pit stop at Doggie Diner and devoured three chili dogs.

Having remembered that I had chosen #359 as my lottery number, Lita was absolutely beaming upon my entering the kitchen.

Blessing me with a very rare "get out of jail card" for driving so falling down drunk, she sautéed for me an extra thick and juicy steak.

Totally against the Vietnam War, Lita would always be saddened to see the pictures of our dead soldiers being loaded on planes for their journey home.

My Mom at peace with my decision to marry the following year, even though she had her own trepidations due to my very young age, I invited her to an all-expense paid "Mother-Son" 4 day weekend in Laguna Beach.

Almost hitting another airplane at John Wayne Airport upon landing and caught in a riptide while bodysurfing and almost drowned, other than that we enjoyed great meals at all the best restaurants toasting our Truth-based relationship.

For me 1970 ended in October when I learned that Jimi Hendrix had died.

Feeling a 4th dimensional kindred connection with one of the greatest stage performers that the world has ever seen, I cried as if I had lost a brother.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

(3) Castles Made Of Sand - YouTube