Literally hired right on the spot due to my 3 years of journeyman experience at Safeway, I was excited to start working full-time at this super modern mega store.

Quality Foods Incorporated (QFI) was a chain founded by John Musso and featured mostly Italian men as the heads of their supermarket families.

One such manager was my boss Lennie “the attorney” Mortadella.

After my having experienced narcissistic sexism and gross infidelity at Safeway, Lennie ~ a likely protégé of Mussolini, upped this type of vulgar abusive conduct several notches.

Treating us guys in his produce department like soldiers, he loved to bark orders and constantly did his very best to make us all feel like “merda”.

But with the ladies in our department he was entirely different, always making them feel special by praising their appearances and allowing them longer break times.

The ultimate target of his sexual advances was Cala Lily ~ a very sweet diminutive lady that was happily married and whose husband shopped at our store with their 3 kids.

Literally trying to prong Cala against the backroom watermelon bins, she always deflected his sexually charged comments like “come to daddy”, “you have an ass like 2 basketballs in your panties”, by threatening to report Lennie to store manager Cantucco; who in reality was no angel, due to his constantly chasing after the fresh meat in the butcher department.

Already witnessing the lack of respect for women like Ralph Kramden in the 1950’s The Honeymooners TV show, when he would rage at his wife Alice pumping his fist in her face and screaming, “one of these days Alice, you’re going to the moon, I’m gonna hit you POW ~ right in the kisser!”

The epitome of a sexist tyrant, Lennie was cut from the same pair of scissors as Jackie Gleason's Ol’ Ralphie Boy.

Keeping my nose clean, I became quick friends with Al Potito, a soon to retire produce vet from Mexico, that returned Lennie’s wise cracks as fast as they were given in his native Spanish.

Lennie admonishing Al to speak to him only in English or Italian, Al waved him off by throwing the lit cigarette that he always had in the corner of his mouth ala Keith Richards, at Lennie’s feet.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

(3) Dean Martin - That's Amore (HD) - YouTube

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