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Al Potito protected by the powerful mafia-backed Retail Clerks Union, there was little that Lennie could do other than turn his dick-tatorial attention back to Cala's basketballs.

Blessed that QFI paid better than Safeway, I was able to save lotsa money for our already planned honeymoon in Laguna Beach.

Also as well banking enough for our brand new home’s down payment, I still had plenty of moolah to still invite Sandy to some of the best restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In addition to Grison’s, we would frequent Alioto’s on Fisherman’s Wharf, Original Joe’s, Alfred's Steakhouse, Hippo Burger, Taj Mahal, and Celia’s Mexican Restaurant ~ which was our favorite casual, inexpensive and excellent place to dine with our friends; as well as The Trident, The Altamira Hotel and Ondine in Sausalito.

When I could score a Saturday off, Sandy and I always took off to the Russian River for a Wild Weekend.

On one of these secret escapades I met Loot McCain ~ a supposed Navy Captain whose claim to fame was that he dated Natalie Wood.

Sandy and I both blessed with big hearts, we would eat at his restaurant to support his fledgling business.

On one of these occasions after having gotten to know Loot and his wife Seedy after experiencing so many meals there, with tears in his eyes he asked if there was any way that we could lend him some money to stay afloat.

Always wanting to do things "My Way", ever prudently cautious Sandy chose to keep her savings intact for our matrimony.

Then I asked Loot how much he needed.

Responding that he would like to borrow $10,000.00 ~ which even today I consider to be a good amount of money, I agreed due to his willingness to pay me back monthly at a $1,000.00 per + $200.00 interest.

I brought him a check for $10,000.00 the following weekend.

Returning 2 weeks later on a Friday night to kick-off our canoeing past Bohemian Grove Weekend, we found the restaurant shuttered and realized that we had been pirated by this McHale’s Navy “Tiger of the Pacific.”

Licking our wounds, our attorney confirmed that Loot’s promissory note was absolutely worthless.

$10,000.00 a ton of money for an 18 year old in 1970, today it would be like losing $70,000.00!

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

(3) Frank Sinatra - My Way (HQ) - YouTube