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Barely back on speaking terms with my father after the previous year’s Hilton Hotel parking lot "wedding pay-off" debacle, I told him that he was invited.

Having the nerve to ask me if he could bring Sally and my two stepbrothers, I immediately said no fucking way ~ that Lito and Lita were having a very hard time digesting that he was coming.

Inquiring if it was possible that he could at least invite a couple of friends from Puerto Rico, I first asked Jörg ~ who lovingly answered in the affirmative.

Deciding on Cal as my best man, Sandy chose Petunia ~ a long time best friend and neighbor since kindergarten.

Both altar teams were then filled out with my brother Tappy and her sister Peaches, as well as our long time dear friends.

As the big day approached, there was a veritable buzz amongst the invitees.

Jörg also hiring a seven piece band ~ within our little scope, the wedding was the talk of the town!

Friends of friends that were invited called Sandy and me to ask if they also could join.

Politely saying no, we would all be in for a big surprise that upcoming Saturday morning.

Tuxes, bridal gowns, flowers for the altar, etc., etc., were ordered as well as some heavenly hash for the pre-nuptial celebration.

Having arisen early and cheesed-off that I heeded Lita’s request to get my haircut, no matter what I did in the mirror ~ I was not a happy camper.

Used to wearing my hair almost shoulder length, I now look like I was drafted into the Nazi Army.

Meeting behind the church, Homer needed a couple of beers to calm his nerves while I paced the parking lot back-and-forth dragging on that little hash pipe.

Summoned by an unbelieving that we were getting wasted Father O’Sullivan, we adjusted our bowties and hesitantly headed for the sacristy.

Suddenly hearing the Phantom of the Opera like organ, we knew that we had to straighten up quickly.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

(3) The Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin - Live 1970 - YouTube