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Grateful being paid for studying and passionately loving food all of my life thanks to Lita and my Mom’s gourmet cooking, I sponged-up all of the food service knowledge that Mr. McMoose offered.

A mean faced and craggy (and here we go again) strict disciplinarian, Mr. McMoose demanded 100% full attention while attending his 7 o’clock in the morning to 6 PM classes.

Covering Rykoff's entire 14,000 item restaurant supply gamut from pears to pee-pee urinal screens, after two weeks I was voted by my 14 classmates as “most likely to succeed.”

Returning to San Francisco very full of myself, Kurt Russell put me on the order desk (customer service today) for further hands-on training.

Knowing all 14,000 products quite well, my personally chosen task was to memorize the five digit “IBM.” numbers that would facilitate my work later on.

While learning the inside workings of the company on the very essential pre-computer days order desk, I met the very first obese person in my life.

Esther was at least 400 pounds and full of fire & venom, and pity the poor salesman that got on her wrong side. But she treated me kindly yet brusquely like a son.

Across from Emma in the six person configurement, was Bree Benning that I found absolutely gorgeous, especially as an older woman.

Only in her mid-30s, Bree was a mix of Irish and Cherokee Indian and had the most amazing seductive big blue eyes and was always tanned.

Later on while I was out in the field, Bree was always my loving go-to person in the office.

After six weeks of “oliendo pedos” (smelling farts) as Lito would vulgarly say in Spanish, I had the opportunity to hit The Streets of San Francisco, because one of our rookie salesmen was fired due to being caught leaving a restaurant with two pork chops in his undies.

Lito decided to retire after over 50 years of master craftsman woodwork, much to Lita’s and his company’s disappointment.

Lita could only think of having her “Archie Bunker” 24 /7 around the house and Mr. Landau ~ Lito’s boss, selfishly wanted him to work for at least another five years.

Offering to pay him an extra $50 weekly under the table in cash, retire determined Lito decided to call it quits, bade "adios" and hung-up his hammer.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

(3) Al Grant - Adios Amigo - YouTube