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Crying in the backyard after having sold his immense home workshop collection of industrial electric saws, drills, expensive levels and chisels that he brought from Costa Rica for pennies on the dollar, Lito lamented not having his lifelong tools any more, while Lita was saddened at the loss of extra income.

Still keeping all of his landscaping shovels, hoes, picks, axes, trowels and wheel barrels and due to a severe water shortage in Northern California, Lito decided to remove the front lawns from his and my Mom’s home and replace them with multi-color river rock decorated cement.

So beautiful was his work, that many neighbors facing the same lack of water and their lawns turning into yellow hay, asked Lito to please do the same work for them.

Thanks to Lita always wanting me to look my best, I decided to buy some suits now that I was going to be in front of customers.

Wilkes Bashford ~ San Francisco’s #1 men’s fine apparel store, was having their once a year sale.

Very much into designer clothing, I could not pass up the bargains on the Yves Saint Laurent, Brioni, Halston and Bill Blass suits.

Purchasing five of them and except for the Halston gabardine, all were widely checkered and sported semi-flared bell bottom trousers ala British crooner Tom Jones.

Lita still starching my shirts like cardboard even though I did not live at home, I felt ready to face San Francisco’s European trained chefs that had a reputation for being egotistical and sometimes even mean.

Not used to being told “no”, it was exasperating trying to grow my business.

Having taken over small accounts from “Mr. Pork Chop in the Undies”, the orders placed were tiny and discouraging.

Being given leads by Kurt Russell’s personal assistant, very few if any panned out.

Used to working nonstop in supermarkets, the huge gap oriented prospecting door-to-door was unfulfilling.

Pray to The Holy Spirit constantly and simply from your heart, just as earnestly as He was your very best friend.

+ through Divine Intimacy ~ He IS!

(3) Tom Jones - I Who Have Nothing - This is Tom Jones TV Show 1970 - YouTube