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As the entire world continues to tie itself up in knots regarding the purposeful distractions of masks, vaccines, quarantines, etc., the biggest ATTACK on our planet's food supply IN ALL HISTORY is taking place right NOW!

Truly a New Testament Sage, please invest just 12 minutes in each of his 2 forthcoming videos to learn the unreal "real" deal from Christian Westbrook:

A few bullet points from Christian's impeccable research:

° JBS ~ the largest meat producer in THE WORLD, falsely claims to have been cyber attacked and therefore cannot process the necessary meat that is sorely needed.

° As 1 World Order Führer Klaus Schwab predicted last year, the plannedemic corona virus would pale in comparison to the decade ago planned cyber attacks that are NOW ramping up.

° This is the perfect Rothschild World Economic Forum depopulation marriage of blitzkrieging cyber attacks, war on meat and mass economic damage on a global scale.

After 15 years of meticulous checking on the "fact checkers", I truly believe that HAARP and TESLA weather manipulation and weaponization technology have caused severe droughts in the world's main grain growing areas ~ creating drastic shortages and extremely elevated animal feed costs and subsequently unaffordable processed meat prices.

Yahweh (God in Hebrew) declared in Genesis 1:26:

“Let him have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air and over the beasts of the earth.”

By lovingly selecting humankind for the stewardship of all of the Earth's animals, our Heavenly Father blessed us with the necessary nutrition to maintain and proliferate our species.

God's heart has to be tearing apart witnessing the abomination of eliminating His animal creations.

(1455) Our Father (LIVE) - Bethel Music & Jenn Johnson | For the Sake of the World - YouTube