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The blood oath of The United States Marines, this credo is wonderfully manifested in Al Pacino's movie Scent of A Woman ~ that garnered him the 1992 Oscar for Best Actor.

Scent of a Woman tells the story of a preparatory school student who takes a job as an assistant to Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade (Al Pacino) ~ an irritable, blind, medically retired egotist who is constantly grunting "oorahs."

"Oorah" is a battle cry and buddy call amongst the United States Marine Corps.


Charlie Simms is a student at the Baird School, an exclusive New England prep cult. Unlike most of his peers, Charlie was not born into a wealthy family, and attends the school on a scholarship.

To pay for the ticket to attend his family's Thanksgiving festivities in Oregon, Charlie accepts the temporary job to watch over Frank Slade, whom Charlie discovers to be a cantankerous, blind alcoholic, who lost his vision juggling hand grenades to impress his underlings.

Unfortunately, 1 exploded!

George Willis, Jr., another student at the Baird School, and Charlie witness three students setting up a prank that publicly humiliates Mr. Trask ~ the Headmaster.

Trask quickly learns of the two student witnesses and presses Charlie and George to divulge the names of the perpetrators.

Once George has left the office, Trask offers Charlie a bribe: a letter of recommendation that would virtually guarantee his acceptance to Harvard.

At school, Charlie and George are subjected to a formal inquiry in front of the entire student body and the student/faculty disciplinary committee.

As Trask is opening the proceedings, Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade unexpectedly returns to the school, joining Charlie on the auditorium stage for support.

For his defense, George has enlisted the help of his wealthy father, using his poor vision as an excuse in not naming all three of the perpetrators.

When pressed for more details, George passes the burden to Charlie. Although struggling with his decision, Charlie gives no information, so Trask recommends Charlie's expulsion.

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade cannot contain himself and launches into a vitriolic speech defending Charlie and reminding the country's future elite and its trainers of the value of integrity, a quality sorely missing in today's world governments, as well as in the manipulated and weaponized mass media.

Forthcoming is the link to Al Pacino's passionate speech, that intensely confirms the Divine value of INTEGRITY:

Today, "leaving no one behind" means prioritizing global development efforts in the poorest countries, tackling inequality within countries, and fighting for the inclusion of marginalized people everywhere.

Let us join hands as an 8 Billion strong human family and manifest the necessary Godly unconditional love to not just parrot these words ~ but make them into a reality by covenanting together to ACT with INTEGRITY!

Christ Yeshua left 99 sheep just to go after the little 1 left behind.............

(885) Reckless Love (Live with story) - Cory Asbury | Heaven Come 2017 - YouTube

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