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Our Weak New World already emulating Aldous Huxley's prophetic tome of an intentionally monickered false "Brave" existence, Lisa Haven's forthcoming video perfectly describes where our globe is at today @ :

With 5G and CERN steamrolling ahead, we are in a battle for control of our very minds!

The "switchboard unconscious consciousness" has been purposely created by the Satanic Freemason 1 World Order Cult to hourly plug-in the distractions they create to dominate our brains.

Huxley’s Brave New World is a novel in which love and relationships have ceased to mean anything. It depicts a Bill Gates dystopian world in which reproduction is tightly and eugenically controlled by growing babies in mass hatcheries.

In this apocalyptic millennial-type world, "everyone belongs to everyone else."

Sexual promiscuity is seen merely as a social duty. But the promiscuity of the New World citizens is empty. Sex has been reduced to the temporary satiation of physical impulses.

This is why even children in Brave New World have to engage in "erotic play" ~ much like today's horribly addictive porn and oligarchical and Vatican pedophilia.

The elderly in the New World are executed at 60 years of age, when they have allegedly exhausted their social value as "useless eaters", much to the delight of Bill & Melinda Gates.

Love and death both require us to make choices and take risks with our emotions. And risks are not acceptable in a world as tightly controlled as Huxley’s. Sound tragically familiar?

New World happiness is merely a system of social control ~ something that can only be "served", rather than truly felt.

Huxley’s book is famed for its portrayal of the New World babies, who are prepared for their preordained life through psychological conditioning, similar to MK Ultra.

They are barraged with repeated words and phrases throughout their sleep to prepare them for their designated career path; as is taking place today due to occult poison spraying aka chem trails at night, as well as NETFLIX program programming.

But what people forget about Huxley’s world is that this mind programming does not end in the infant hatchery. The adults of the New World continue to condition one another through their Stasi-like self-censorship and linguistic correction.

Written in 1931, Huxley shows us that failing to think for ourselves leaves us wide open to domination and others thinking for us.

The banality of evil is the very foundation of life in the Brave New World. The only reason the citizens of the New World are content with their lives is because they are unthinking.

Huxley’s New World state recognizes that people’s inner life can be revolutionary and dangerous. To control minds is to engineer the manipulated and weaponized mass media for thought domination and therefore to put off rebellion.

Huxley’s language-policing New World citizens remind us that the most powerful form of censorship and social control can be found in the Nazi, Stalinist and Maoist "tyranny of custom social conformity" ~ that today's powers that should not be are dictating.

Huxley’s New World state is powerful, but the New World Order is not the all-seeing totalitarianism of Big Brother ~ it is the unthinking compliance of its citizens and their relentless mutual censorship that allows the Brave New World to function.

People are most vulnerable to domination when their inner life and their ability to experiment with their own thoughts ~ to think on their own terms and in their own words has been eliminated. We are all constantly in danger of the mind control that arises from failing to think for ourselves.

Huxley teaches us that human beings are only truly happy with THE TRUTH and when we think for ourselves ~ not in totalitarian unthinking conformity.

Pushing the barriers ~ planting seeds!