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God our creator is our refuge and strength ~ an ever present help whenever we are in trouble.

Therefore, we do not need to be afraid of ANYTHING ~ not even today's constant barrage of purposely created cataclysmic, apocalyptic and dystopian events.

The manipulated and weaponized mind controlling media are dedicated to inducing FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real).

If we focus on such "dangers" and forget that Abba Yahweh (Father God in Hebrew) is our eternal safety net, we will become more and more fearful.

Everyday He manifests His grace and love for us all over the Earth in countless places and situations, but the media demonically elects to take no notice!

God showers not only blessings but outright MIRACLES on our planet!

As we grow closer to Him, He will open our eyes to see more and more of His radiant presence all around us.

Things that most hive-minded people today hardly notice like the shifting rays of the sun through the trees, can totally fill us with heart-bursting joy.

Pray mightily that you may "have eyes that see and ears that hear and that you will never be deceived."

(1) Our Father (LIVE) - Bethel Music & Jenn Johnson | For the Sake of the World - YouTube

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