Roman Catholics celebrating the feast of The Assumption today August 15, are truly an insult to the very especially chosen mother of Christ Yeshua; as well as another means of the Catholic churches filling-up their coffers with money to defend their pedophile clergy.

The Assumption declared a Holy Day of Obligation, during the 50's and 60's if a church member did not attend that day's celebratory mass, they were warned that they would go straight to hell, if they did not confess their sin to a sometimes drunken priest before they died!

A recovering Roman Catholic after being bombarded and controlled with fear and guilt for 50 years, "assumption" means exactly that, to "assume" as well as a "supposition", "presumption" ~ something NOT proven real.

Miryam ~ Mary's actual name in Hebrew (מרי), was consecrated in the temple as a virgin at 3 years of age. Her betrothal to Yosef (יוסף) took place when she was only 14 years old.

In addition to the gospel of Matthew relative to his confirming her immaculate conception, geneology and attending the marriage feast at Canaan, John's gospel includes the only other mention of Miryam, while she was present at the foot the cross.

Not only as a loving mother ~ but also as a disciple who followed her Master unto the final hour of His exaltation by the Father.

Blessed to have personally seen the actual image of The Virgin of Guadalupe on Aztec Indian Don Diego's cloak in Mexico City, the vibration of viewing a TRUE MIRACLE was so intense, that I started sobbing uncontrollably.

Egoless Miryam did NOT ask the Archbishop of Mexico City to have a cathedral built in her honor, but to stop the corruption between the church and the government that continues even more egregiously to this very day!

Knowing that Yahweh (God in Hebrew) divinely chose Miryam to be the vessel for her immaculate conception by Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit in Hebrew) for His son Yeshua, Miryam was the most blessed human being EVER created.

Yet, despite her unique role as the mother of Jesus, the bible does not teach that we should worship Miryam or pray to her.

Christ Yeshua did not single out his mother for special honor, nor did he tell his followers to do so.

And Yeshua surely did not instruct the Roman Catholic Church to build hundreds and hundreds of churches and cathedrals in Miryam's honor to overflow their treasure chests, while there were millions and millions of poor people without food, medical care, clothing and shelter.

In fact, outside of the already mentioned Gospel accounts and a single reference in the book of Acts, Miryam is not mentioned in the remaining 22 books of the New Testament.

The Scriptures provide no evidence that Miryam received special attention ~ let alone veneration​ by first-century Christians.

Rather, the bible teaches Christians to worship only God.

Miryam set a fine example of faith, obedience, humility, powerful feminine strength and deep spirituality.

We all can learn from her 4th dimensional devoted faith in Yahweh by accepting to be Yeshua's mother, and from her ultimate unconditional forgiveness for those that horrifically tortured and murdered her Son.

Here's a ***** salute to all of the world's women that follow Miryam's exemplary spiritual example!


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