"POWER PRAYERS!": chapter 52 ~ page 10

The final Power Prayer in this chapter is our Marriage Covenant that we first vowed to each other with God in our midst on 12-12-12 @ 12 in Lugano, Switzerland, and recite and renew DAILY while caressing each other's hands:

° Our marriage is not a 50-50 arrangement.

° Ours is a mindfully and purposely chosen mutual agreement to give 100% of ourselves.

° Ours is a lifetime covenant between you and me with God holding our hands in Divine Intimacy.

° Our vow is to enjoy good times and endure challenging times together.

° Ours is forever whether we are richer or poorer.

° Ours is to always care for each other in sickness and in health.

° We trust to be raptured together by Christ Yeshua as He promised.

° "We have been crucified with Jesus and no longer live ~ but He lives in us."

° We have freely chosen to die to self interest and live only in the "we".

Eternal Love + Gratitude,


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