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"POWER PRAYERS": chapter 52 ~ page 4

SAINT PAUL'S PRAYER (my augmentation):

"Lord, I lay before you my grudges and unforgiveness, my rejections of people, my rejections of circumstances, my need to impress, my latent anger, my sarcasm, my yearning to control, my paralytic perfectionism, my occasional false victimhood, my impatience, my time, my talent and my treasure ~ anything that I’m wrapped up in that hinders me from being 100% completely Yours.

You will never have to take these things from me, for I gladly give You all that I possess to be only what You want me to be.

All the things I once thought were so important are gone from my life ~ so that I can fully embrace you right now my Savior + Redeemer Yeshua."

Please accept my utmost adoration, praise, gratitude and heartfelt repentance for all of my life's sins.


My Ruach Hakodesh inspired and steeped in gratitude, as well as very much influenced by Florence Scovel Shinn that Christine and I also recite daily is:


"Honoring your holy will Abba Yahweh, we pray as Yeshua taught us by perceiving as already receiving.

° You ~ Abba Yahweh are a God of plenty. We NOW receive all that we desire, require and more.

° Goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives and we shall dwell in Your house of abundance forever.

° We give You thanks for all of our whirlwind successes.

° Unexpected doors fly open and endless avalanches of abundance are poured out upon us, under Your grace and in Your perfect ways.

° We give You thanks for all of the spiritual, preternatural health and financial abundance that is ours by Divine Right and is NOW pouring in like the unlimited loaves and fishes of Galilee, for us to ALWAYS SHARE with others under Your grace and in Your perfect ways.

° We invest, spend & share our money under The Holy Spirit’s direct inspiration wisely and fearlessly; knowing that our supply from Him is eternal and immediate.

° We are totally awake to all of our blessings, gathering in the harvest of endless opportunities and are always harmonious, poised and especially magnetic: attracting our Divine Mind images.

° We see clearly and ACT quickly and our greatest expectations are realized in a miraculous way. Thanks to Ruach Hakodesh ~ the genius within us is now released.

° There is no competition on the spiritual plane. What is rightfully ours is given to us under Your grace and in Your perfect ways.

° We banish the past and live in the wonderful NOW, where happy surprises come to us from You each and every day.

° As one door closes You open another even better door for us.

° Your blessings are sometimes wrapped in obstacles.

° All thoughts of lack, limitation, and failure are NOW removed from our consciousness.

° We will never weary of well-doing and striving for excellence, because when we least expect it ~ we shall reap!

° We do not limit You by seeing the limitations in ourselves.