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"POWER PRAYERS": chapter 52 ~ page 7

Always in concluding my Ruach Hakodesh inspired prayers, I ask our heavenly Father to powerfully bless those that I love the most ~ my wife Christine, my daughter Alexandra and the rest of my family, by reciting each of their names and including their families & friends.

God answers my prayers in the most loving way possible by blessing my intentions into realities.

Asking miracles for others as we are now doing in our 9 day Novena for Wendy, as well as my personally witnessing their manifestations countless of times, my greatest example was a 65-year-old friend back in my Los Angeles days that was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

A savvy and solid “B” tennis player who whacked the ball almost daily, his greatest fear was that he would have to wear an adult diaper on the courts for the rest of his life.

Operated on at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California ~ Herbie confirmed the exact time that I prayed for him 3 hours ahead in Tampa, Florida!

Thank God and because he was a very regimented athlete, the surgery was an unmitigated success and Herbie quickly recuperated. Those adult diapers stayed on the shelf at the Safeway Supermarket.

Like all other self-improvement techniques, prayer takes practice.

Just like increasing our laps running around a track 800 meters on a regular basis, the more we pray ~ the easier and more a part of our daily lives it becomes, with truly Divine results becoming our Gold Medals.

Lately, my badge of honor has been purposely envisioning myself as Dismas ~ the penitent “Good Thief” hanging on the cross next to Jesus.

I close my eyes and listen intently to The Master as the crowd that judged Him guilty for a crime that He never committed and jeered at Him relentlessly as he uttered these few words:

“Father, forgive them; for they not know what they do.”

(2) Miracles // Jeremy Riddle & Steffany Gretzinger // Bethel Music - YouTube

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