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"POWER PRAYERS!": chapter 52 ~ page 9

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

THE RESURRECTION is the apex of the entire bible. Christ Yeshua was savagely tortured, crucified, died, buried and rose again in a Godly body that Adam and Eve once enjoyed preternaturally, and then lost believing in the lies of the devil. THE RESURRECTION should provide all of us with tremendous hope for a life infinitely much better than this very temporal plannedemic one. And Yeshua’s last uttered 7 phrases were meant to also teach us how to pray. He did not talk to His father in a formal protocol manner, Yeshua spoke to Yahweh like He was His loving father ~ and He was and always will be to all of us. This lesson from Calvary is that we should talk to whichever of the 3 manifestations of God we choose to ~ depending on our own personal circumstances and needs, just as if we were talking to our mother and/or best friend ~ informal and from the heart: ° YAHWEH = (God in Hebrew) ~ The Creator of everything! ° YESHUA = (Jesus in Hebrew) ~ Our ultimate role model and very, very best friend. ° RUACH HAKODESH = (Holy Spirit in Hebrew) ~ Our Divine intuiter, discernment guide, enlightener, comforter and healer. It takes some practice, but once we do ~ it is an incredible joy sharing with God our innermost thoughts, feelings, desires and especially trust & gratitude, even for the smallest of things. My own personal belief as is confirmed in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have eternal life,” is correct, but we must still follow the 2 chief commandments of: ° Loving only the 1 true God. ° Loving our neighbor as much as we love ourselves. Both Divine instructions in today’s world of the Satanic Freemason Pedophiliac Eugenicist 1 World Order Cult's promulgated ultimate narcissism, egotism, horrific fear, collective hive-mindedness and self-hatred are tough ~ real tough. How can we love only 1 true God when the Golden Calf of material possessions is lifted ever higher; and how can we love others as much as ourselves ~ when most of mankind loathes themselves? Power Prayers based on unconditional Godly faith are the only sword that cuts through satan’s veil of deception and eternal condemnation. To truly change this world as Yahweh created it to be, is for us to ALL UNITE NOW in constant as well as persistent personal and communal prayer. Amen!

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