"POWER PRAYERS @ WAR!: chapter 52 ~ page 3

Do not be surprised by the fiery attacks on your mind.

When you struggle to find Christ Yeshua and live in His peace, do not become discouraged.

You and the rest of humankind are engaged in massive SPIRITUAL WARFARE!

satan abhors your closeness to Christ Yeshua and his luciferic legions are determined to destroy your Divine Intimacy.

When you find yourself in the thick of battle, pray upon His name ~ "Yeshua please help me!"

At that very instant, the battle becomes 100% His; and your role is to simply trust Him and step aside, as He Calvaricly fights for you.

His name Yeshua ~ especially when spoken and invoked in Hebrew, has unlimited POWER to bless and protect you.

"At the end of time, every knee will bow in heaven, on Earth and under the Earth when His name Yeshua is proclaimed."

People who have used "Jesus" as a shoddy swear word will fall down in terror on that awesome day of Judgement.

But all of us that have drawn near Him through trustingly uttering the prayer "Yeshua, please help me", will be filled with inexpressible and glorious joy.

His promise of The Rapture is our greatest hope as we await His return.

(1) Yeshua | Jesus Image Worship | Meredith Mauldin | Michael Koulianos | Jesus ‘19 - YouTube

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