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"POWER PRAYERS!" ~ chapter 52 ~ page 2

Updated: May 1, 2022

Always believing that Miriam (Mary in Hebrew)) was the most special human being ever created because she was chosen by Yahweh (God in Hebrew) to be Yeshua’s (Jesus in Hebrew) mother, I give her honor and praise by praying to her in my personal way:

"Hail Miriam full of Ruach Hakodesh’s (Holy Spirit in Hebrew) grace, our creator Yahweh is with thee, blessed art thou amongst all men and women and blessed is your son Yeshua.

Holy Miriam mother of Yeshua I honor you for your strength, courage, humility, kindness, love for God, faith in God, obedience to God and for your beautiful feminine energy that permeates all of Yahweh's universe.

And most important of all Miriam, I thank you for being my ultimate role model of unconditional forgiveness ~ in the way that you forgave those who tortured and murdered your son Yeshua, Amen."

As we continue on our journey of purification, just like The Buddha ~ we become more and more enlightened.

Because intention is prayer, the more clean and precisely focused our imaging thoughts are, the more powerful and easily attainable their manifestations.

Blessed to have learned to completely silence my mind, I choose to be in a continuous state of prayer even when something mundane interferes ~ which of course is quite often in my daily life.

Nevertheless, as Yeshua and Buddha taught ~ I am in a constant realm of gratitude & trust and never craving selfish wants.

My prayers are 99% asking for others to be blessed and 1% for me when there is something very special that I need.

And almost always it is in my asking for forgiveness for negative thinking usually directed at others.

Oh Mary, Mother of God - Hymn - YouTube