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Blessed to have purchased Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling" and Florence Scovel Shinn's "The Game of Life And How To Play It", my wife Christine turned me on to her FREE United Christian Broadcast's Word For Today many years ago.

Similar to Sarah's and Florence's compact and to the point books' inspirations, the Word For Today daily devotional is written by Irish Christian pastor Bob Gass and published around the world by the United Christian Broadcasters (UCB).

Pastor Gass said the devotional "is a kick start for cold mornings, when you don't feel like reading your Bible or find it a bit dry, that's when you need a good injection of inspiration. That's what I want to provide for our 3.5 Million readers around the world something to focus their minds on God's goodness."

For me a daily powerful Spiritual nutrient, forthcoming please find today's reading:


20 June 2020

With regard to Samson, the Bible tells us, "The hair of his head began to grow again."

The process of renewal was starting. Samson repented, God gave him back his strength and he ended his life with an inspiring act of heroism.

Maybe you feel like you’ve messed up so badly that God will never love you and use you again ~ but always remember Samson. God never gave up on him and He hasn’t given up on you!

He sees your potential and remembers why He made you: you were created for great things. It’s only as you move into the centre of God’s will that you discover why you were made.

When you make God your focal point, things will begin to fall back into place. There is something very encouraging about Samson. He’s included in God’s hall of fame ~ the pantheon of people of great faith detailed in Hebrews 11.

Why? Because God can take a person who seems like a total failure and use them to accomplish great things. If He only used people who were perfect, nothing would ever get done.

Instead, He uses ordinary people with weaknesses, who sometimes fail in big ways.

So what should you do if you’re a Samson? Turn your life over to the Lord. Give Him ALL the pieces and let Him put them together.

He can give you the power to break loose from the things that are tying you down and preventing Him from working in your life.

Only God knows your potential, and you will never bring it out on your own. He must do it in His strength ~ so let Him start on you today!

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