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Not for the faint hearted, PURIFICATION is the greatest tool in achieving self-actualization ~ truly knowing ourselves 100% and comporting as we really, really are as created by God.

Similar to the construction industry, this PURIFICATION requires a total gutting-out of the old faulty hardwiring and rusty plumbing in the mind.

It takes guts, self-discipline, patience, HARD WORK and humility to ask Christ Yeshua ~ the “Master Craftsman” for His help.

The first step in purifying the conscious mind is to focus steadfastly on our thoughts.

Mnemonic devices that I learned early on in my always continuing process of healing, are proven methods in controlling and eventually completely quieting the mind:

° to envision thoughts as being clouds that simply billow across the sky of the mind; giving them no importance and just letting them be.

° to view your thoughts as flies; that you gently swat away until your mental screen is totally blank.

Purging the mind instead of continually stuffing it with garbage such as stress, worrying, doubting, gossip, controlling, etc., should be all of our collective consciousness goal.

Praying in gratitude continuously throughout the entire day, immensely warms the heart of Our Father and refreshes the mind, keeping sinful thoughts away ~ allowing no room for them!

Conducting a SOUL M.R.I. before sleep, is one of the best methods in purifying ourselves.

Because of our global interconnectedness, it behooves us to rid ourselves of the worldly "hive mind", that can lead to cesspools of negativity and spiritual cancers.

Like Scovel Shinn wrote about the immense imaging power of the mind, Christ Jesus taught us best by saying:

“that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can tell the mountain to move ~ and it will move”.

When Our Lord came to the River Jordan to receive baptism at the hands of His cousin St. John the Baptist, John asked the question that any of us would have asked:

“I need to be baptized by you and why do you come to me?” —Matthew 3:14

Our Lord answered:

“Let it be so now; for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness.” —Matthew 3:15

So John obeyed and baptized Jesus, the Lamb of God Who took away the sin of the world, yet Who was guilty of no sin Himself.

As Jesus went into the waters of the Jordan to receive this baptism, He is identifying Himself with sinners; taking our sins upon Himself and submerging Himself in our place, into the waters of purification.

His rising-up shows the new life He has gained for us!

Today's manipulated and weaponized mainstream media owned by the satanic 1 World Order Cartel, purposely blurs the distinction between right and wrong.

Christ Yeshua declared:


(1126) Purify My Heart (Refiner's Fire) | Jeremy Riddle - Vineyard Anaheim Worship Moment - YouTube

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