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Some God-ordained precepts in the purification process:

° Divine Mind ~ co-create what you really, really want in agreement with Our Lord's Holy Will. Intention is prayer, so use the imaging power of your mind and pray as if you have already received it.

° Divine Allowance ~ free yourself of all circumstantial expectations and physical attachments, and allow His perfect will to be done.

° Divine Momentum ~ keep building spiritual manifestation strength on your already co-created blessings.

° Divine Lens ~ humbly ask Our Father for help in seeing things His way.

° Divine Filter ~ we face fierce tsunamis of increasingly unwanted information, stimulation and distractions from the satanic 1 World Order Cartel's manipulated and weaponized mainstream media.

Co-create with The Holy Spirit a protection shield that helps to truly discern what is really from Him and what is rightly meant for you.

° Divine Compass ~ humbly ask Abba Yahweh to always guide you to the right place, at the right time, with the right purpose and with the right people.

Labeling this declaring and claiming of our purest desires in the 4th dimension our Divine Mind, it is no different than a muscle built up in CrossFit Training, that we start developing Divine Momentum.

And because it is Divine, it has no limits and just continues steamrolling like a heavenly locomotive.

We all can do as I did many years ago to learn the tremendous power of our conscious mind in 100% alignment with His Holy Will:

° moving clouds simply by first “envisioning” what I wanted, and then truly emoting” and “feeling” in my heart where I wanted them to go ~ the clouds actually moved away from the sun.

° catching fish ~ not just waiting for them to bite the bait.

Guided by The Holy Spirit, I would tell the veteran deep-sea captain to hoist anchor and steer the boat where I was told that the sailfish and marlin were.

And my Lord, the monster fish were exactly where The Holy Spirit told me!

Christ Yeshua taught us:


(1149) Psalm 51 - Create a Clean Heart in Me, O God - Francesca LaRosa (Chanted LIVE) - YouTube