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Always featuring music videos below my title-related pictures, Zach Williams ~ a former addict like myself, wrote this song that touched my deepest heart:

(2608) Zach Williams - "Rescue Story" (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube

Zach testifies that Christ Jesus:

° Is always fighting our battles

° Is constantly holding His hand out to us

° Lifts us up from the ashes

° Carries our souls from death to life

° Takes us from glory to glory

° Is singing songs of redemption ever time we run away

° Is speaking to us louder than our own shame


And never gave up on me He did.

Smoking marijuana for the 1st time at a Roman Catholic high school in San Francisco at 15 years of age, I was instantly addicted for the next 45 years.

Marijuana THE gateway drug, I proceeded to consume 14 other types of narcotics, almost killing myself on cocaine during a business trip in Puerto Rico.

Besides drugs, I was also heavily addicted to sex, alcohol and extreme sports for 45 years.

Now ~ thank God, I am very proud and immensely grateful to confirm that I am 11.5 years clean & permanently healed!

A wonderful fellow I met in a court-mandated assault & battery rehab, was not so lucky as I was.

Respecting his anonymity, I will call him Eddie.

Like I did, Eddie started smoking marijuana as a young teen.

Marijuana led to methamphetamines that soon Eddie started to manufacture.

Caught by the police, he was sentenced to 50 years in a super tough Southern red-neck penitentiary.

By the grace of God and a quirk in the law, Eddie was released after 9 years.

His heartfelt testimony:

"Friend, if you turn to Christ Jesus and give Him full reign over your life, He will work miracles on your behalf."