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If the multi-multi centuries old useless and ultra tax-payer expensive free-loading monarchy in England can "knight" Elton John, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, etc., the United States should recognize Sir Michael Jordan as 1 of its greatest Americans ever.

Like all of us far from perfect in his personal life, Michael is the #1 organized sports athlete in the history of the world!

Michael was not only physically superior ~ but at the end of his unsurpassed career in 1998 winning his 6th NBA Championship, he credited his brilliantly focused "always in the NOW" mind in being able to turbo-charge his aging body into performing feats such as literally flying, that his much younger competitors could only dream of.

A true super human, Michael purposefully carried the entire team on his back while he was extremely sick and 4th dimensionally "willed" the wins.

Even though I was born & raised in San Francisco and thought that Bill Walsh of my 49'ers was the greatest coach of all time, Phil Jackson ~ a devoted Christian, won 11 NBA championship rings; coaching some of the very most difficult and highly paid prima donna players like Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, etc.

Michael Jordan acknowledges Phil's greatness in confirming that "he gave all of us on the team PURPOSE as well as respect."

Christ Yeshua taught that every aspect of our being was created by God to bring honor to His name.

We were deliberately created in His image and likeness of eternal, joyful unconditional love and therefore carry Him with us everywhere we go.

Whatever we do with our bodies, we bring Jesus Christ into it.

And Michael sure did!