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Even though communication methods have come a long way from Neanderthals sending mountain-top smoke signals, social media is an insidious trap!

My seeking a loved one's approval 12 years ago and in 2020 joining FaceBook and Instagram to promote my new book, I quickly closed my accounts due to observing the mass polarization of fellow humans expressing their fake on-line selves simply to gain approval.

Disciplining myself to posting solely Christian and socio/economic/political comments only on Linked-In on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I thoroughly enjoy this sole platform of expressing my TRUE SELF.

Please invest a few minutes and learn how social media is purposefully and demonically killing off modern society:

Social Media - Why it Sickens the Self and Divides Society - YouTube


° Social media platforms were birthed and are managed by C.I.A. connected technocratic corporations such as Google and FaceBook, with the sole intention through their algorithms of creating ADDICTION and MANIPULATING, TRACKING & MONITORING and even WEAPONIZING our BEHAVIOR.

° Social media conformity is shattering the true self identities of BILLIONS of once human beings.

° At a certain point upon achieving social media numbness, the merging of the true self with the on-line self becomes an abnormal actuality ~ to the point that people do not know any longer who they really, really are!

° The "likes", "shares", "thumbs-ups", "amens", etc., create an abstract deadly validation addiction.

° Couples lives are being destroyed by the 24/7 social media collective false narrative.

° Nietzsche was correct in declaring:

"whoever is dissatisfied with himself is continually ready for REVENGE, and we others will be his victims......"

° No coincidence that over 90% of movie plots have to do with achieving REVENGE.

° The satanic 1 World Order Technocrats have created a dystopian planet full of social media prisoners and guards, in their all pervasive mass surveillance state.

° Pre-teens are no longer allowed to enjoy just being children, because of the severe peer pressure to be constantly cyber connected.

Christ Yeshua commanded:

“Let the little children come to me.

Don’t stop them, because The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to people who are like these children.”


Culture Club - Church Of The Poisoned Mind (TOTP 1983) - YouTube